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An Online Store to help you close deals immediately!!! 

SUPERSS Designers will Create an online store with one of  the leading eCommerce platforms

Sell online with a professional online store. We will Launch, run and scale your online store with our leading industry web designing creatives.








The element of surprise and simplicity of buying online are the most important steps when setting up a shop.

We are smart and flexible, we adjust everyone businesses into an online order ! Every business is a different journey!

Let us start your one  

Sell your games online 

Are you an avid researcher and found games that will make everyone eager to try them ? We can set it up for you, market online and deliver your project in no time !

With only an initial investment of £200

and a monthly cost of £45 we will  get your shop selling online in less then a week, try us by clicking here !

Sell your Art Online  

Did you know that majority of artists are working from home/studio without worrying about next month bills? Yes, you need to join us now, we can and we will get your Gallery been seen by millions of people worldwide.

Just join us now with a small investment on yourself and your art, let us help you to present your work .

£200 initial investment and a monthly cost of £45 with no contract, you will leave whenever you want . 



Are you someone who likes to create events?

Either if you like to produce big or small events, or just a party planner, we are becoming the very best partner for you!

It was on a  recent event that we brought thousands of potential customers into a online platform event, that same event is still providing amazing deals for our  customer, are you looking for something like that? Do you want to reach the unlimited power of Digital ?

Come to us and start your own Events Website Online with only a £200 initial investment and a monthly £45 with no contract , you will leave whenever you want .


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We know how hard it is to be an artist and become self-sufficient in a world dominated by the over funded multinationals, we are so pleased that finally our results are becoming centre of attention and making so many Artists Financially independent, we are not focused on financial gains although the quality of all our partners and the phenomenal interest worldwide made us financially happy as well !


When someone cannot afford the initial investment we help them.

We believe in good Karma and this is our input in a dominated financial world, so if you are committed to your project we will help you to make it real and invest in your art until you can afford us, does it sound good? Book a meeting with us now! 

We speak English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Punjabi, so do not be shy and talk your way .

Languages and roots are so diverse in our rooms, that we believe to be an outstanding multination of artists on another level of freedom, we are so passionate about you and your dreams, come and meet us please !!!

We are not a charity we believe in you and that is the difference !

Have you noticed that shops in High Street are always major brands? 

We can help you to become big online and by the way, you do not need a warehouse or keys to your shop you can do it from your own home.

Do you want to help us? Do you want to help someone like you?Spread the word ! 

Our idea is to support everyone that has a dream, either writing, filming, fashion, singing, any creative side no matter the industry, just let everyone know that we can help!!

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